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Philipp Zedler © P. Zedler

Philipp Zedler

Maintainance for web projects, web programmer for Django, Python, jQuery, JavaScript, Wordpress, PHP, and many others. Django expert.

And here are partners of mine

Rebecca Weidekamp

Rebecca Weidekamp and me are a good team in realizing websites. She is a designer and CSS expert in the Berlin Creative Scene.

Common projects: Obsttresen, Ich nix verstehen, Agency portals, Paperboats, Coromandelfashion, Christine Poppenhusen, Die Akustischen Vier, Prisma Investment, Johannes Huebl, orthoBest, Howpop, Mayflower Capital, Mayflower Capital, Mission Talent

Michael Schmidt © M. Schmidt

Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt is collaborating in numerous of my projects since spring 2013. He lives in Berlin, is computer scientist and Django expert, but wants to keep his eyes open into all directions, especially towards app programming.

Common projects: Obsttresen, Prenzlauer Berg Nachrichten, Agency portals, Holzbau Brugger,, Fachwerkstatt Drücker & Schnitger

Thorsten Kozik

Thorsten Kozik is an ambitious communication designer in Berlin. I have programmed and for him.

Common projects: Paperboats, Mykita Blog

Ana Druga © A. Druga

Ana Druga

Ana Druga is a very well connected free graphic designer. She works in Berlin, Shanghai and other Cities. I have programmed the web site for her.

Common projects: Obsttresen

Tanja Lemke-Mahdavi © T. L-Mahdavi

Tanja Lemke-Mahdavi

Tanja Lemke-Mahdavi develops concepts for the visual communication for organizations and corporations. She is responsible for the corporate design and the visual further development of the website

Common projects: Mission Talent

Ralf Kostulski © R. Kostulski

Ralf Kostulski

Ralf Kostulski is a computer scientist and an experienced Django expert. At the moment he is working mostly for "Jonas und der Wolf" in Berlin. In spring 2013, he took over maintainence for the website, which was built by me.

Common projects: Coromandelfashion

Sonnenstaub © Sonnenstaub


A successful design studio in Berlin responsible for creation and further development of the corporate design for the district newspaper Prenzlauer Berg Nachrichten.

Common projects: Prenzlauer Berg Nachrichten

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